About us

Inspired by what you have seen here at IndoClassified? We trusted so! IndoClassified was made to be something beyond another "provincial electronic arranged" site. IndoClassified is a group, made by individuals, for individuals and intended to fill the void left by online characterized promotions. IndoClassified is neighbors helping neighbors. We likewise felt we could make a superior showing with regards to of associating purchasers and merchants online than our neighborhood town daily paper.

As your neighbor, we might want to stay up with the latest on all the energizing happenings, changes, and offerings at IndoClassified. Organizer, Greg Collier, welcomes you to keep tabs on IndoClassified's development by tailing him by means of Facebook, Twitter.  IndoClassified is novel in the dot.com world since it isn't obliged by investment subsidizing. The IndoClassified business is designed according to a customary physical business, instead of the get-in, get-out brisk Internet show. "We are in this for the whole deal, and our procedure has dependably been, one group at any given moment - growing as it bodes well. That perfect still stands!"

IndoClassified was propelled as a place for individuals to purchase and offer utilized things and additionally post work declarations. Past the online classifieds, be that as it may, IndoClassified made a feeling of the group for all who went by through their spotless plan, open gatherings and honest to goodness enthusiasm for their guests. Individuals shared their encounters and information, making inquiries, finding solutions and being genuinely associated with others in their general vicinity. IndoClassified prevailing with regards to associating people in a medium in light of detachment.

IndoClassified's theory is that the appearance of the worldwide electronic group shouldn't mean the deserting of the traditional group. It should fill in as an upgrade.

IndoClassified gloats different improvements over their opposition, yet the two most imperative are IndoClassified's sense of duty regarding security and protection. IndoClassified guests are furnished with an uplifted level of wellbeing and protection by IndoClassified's routine with regards to physically observing each post proposed for distribution. You pay special mind to your neighbors. IndoClassified pays special mind to you.

IndoClassified went live in December 2016 to an energetic and positive reaction. IndoClassified truly values your help and anticipates furnishing you with the group and arranged experience you merit.



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