Special Offer

Special Offer For Premium Classified Listing 




Mark as Premium Listing Price for 1 month is 200/-



The highlight listing Price for 1 month is 200/-



Premium Listing (Make your listing unique on the home and search page!) The price for 36 months is 7200/-



Highlight listing (Make listing more visible and attract more people!) the price for 36 Months is 7200/-



Here Total Price for 36 months "Premium Listing + Highlight Listing" will be 14400/-


After 86.11% Discount, Your "Premium Listing + Highlight Listing" Price for 36 Months is Only 1999/-



You will pay for 1-year Premium Listing and get Highlight listing free for 36 Months.



After the discount, your classified listing price will be for 53/- INR per month.




     Highlight Classified Listing:- This option allows attracting the visitor’s attention to your ads. The background of your ad becomes highlighted. The duration of the option would be for 3 Years.

     Mark as Premium Listing:- Premium mark will be shown on your classified listing. The item will get much more views and this promotes a more rapid view. The duration of the said option would be for 3 years.


(You Listing will be Top Listings on Home Page, Latest Ads Page, Category Page, Sub Category Page, Offered Ads and Wanted Ads Page, Price Page, Country Page, City Page)



Purchase a 1-year Premium Ads plan and get 2-year plan for Free!
This includes "Premium Listing + Highlight Listing" For 3 Years!

Plan Cost after 86.11% Discount: 1999/- for Year 3 Year. 
You will save 12401/-


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